Ransome Manufacturing provides you more than just propane tanks; from cylinder vises to rail tank car unloading towers. Ransome gives you quality products with quality service.

Hot Oil Tanks

• Spray-Fill for ease of Tank Re-Filling
• Tanks Manufactured and Welded with Steel Cradle Support Construction
• Recessed “End Mount” Liquid Level Gauges
• Epoxy Primer and Paint finish for Maximum
• Durability and Longevity
• Custom Tanks Design

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Rail Tank Car Unloading Towers

The RCUP Rail Tower provides safe convenient accessibility to rail car tank connections. Its construction is clean and rigid, supported by a two point base. The platform and pipelines are counterbalanced for easier tank connections. All steps and decking are made of skid-proof expanded metal to assure safe footing in all types of weather. Both rear entry
and side entry ladders are available. Shipped in three sections, the tower is prefabricated, complete with all necessary piping.

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Relief Valve Breakaway Coupling

The P104A coupling is Electro-Plated, rust-proof, steel breakaway coupling designed for internal relief valves. EMT also available.

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Cylinder Wrench

The Ransome Manufacturing Cylinder Wrench is a heavy duty “Fits All” type of wrench.
• Constructed of 1/4 in. & 1/2 in. thick steel.
• Easily adaptable to all types of valves.
• Designed for those hard to reach places.
• Electroplated to inhibit rust.
• You only need a bar or piece of pipe to use.

Actual size: 2-1/2 in. wide x 9-3/16 in. high.
Weight: 7 lbs.

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500 Gallon LPG Trailer Mounted Cargo Tank

Inspected, tested and equipped as per ASME Code and DOT MC331. For over the road construction or agricultural use.
Single axle trailer includes:
• Polejack
• Fenders
• Lights
• Safety Chains
• Hydraulic Brakes
• Leaf Spring Suspension

ASME/DOT LPG Storage Tank, 250 psig. Complete with fittings, valve protection. GAWR 7000 lbs.

Download 500 Gallon Trailer Brochure

LP-Gas Inline Separator

Ransome Inline separators creates the circular motion for the separation and entrainment of the heavy ends in LP-Gas vapor. As vapor enters the separator, flow is directed to the outside walls of the vessel where oily particulates collect and fall to the bottom of chamber and out of the dry vapor path. Additional entertainment is accomplished by a conical perforated element.

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Steel Bulkheads

Steel Bulkheads are used for loading and unloading bobtails and transports. When correctly installed in concrete, they can withstand a 2000 lb. horizontal pull. Standard model is set up for vertical piping with a 2″ liquid and 1-1/4″ vapor connection.

Flexible S.S. Connectors

Meter to hose reel connections, Tank to piping connections, Railcar unloading swingarm connections, Air compressors, Liquid/Gas hoses and many other applications where flexible connections are required.

• 350 PSI Working Pressure
• 1750 psi Min. Burst Pressure
• Corrugated Stainless Steel Hose
• Stainless Steel Wire Braid Reinforced
• 3000 lb. Forged Steel Ground Joint Unions
• 300 lb. A.S.A. Forged Steel Flanges
• For LPG & NH3

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Cylinder Vise

The CVM-200 Cylinder Vise firmly holds 12″ – 15″ diameter sizes with easily adjustable snap action latching. 4″ inserts are available as an option.

Surge Tank

Ransome’s ST750 Surge Tanks are made to serve the line of Ransome Manufacturing’s venturi type Vaporizer-Mixers: Models PAM200-10 through PAM1000-50 & PAMW180-10 through PAMW900-50. Designed for easy installation: Mount on prepared concrete slab adjacent to Vaporizer-Mixer and simply pipe into system. All equipment and installation must be in accordance with NFPA Pamphlet 58 and all applicable state, provincial and local codes. Fabricated and factory tested in accordance with ASME unfired pressure vessel code, Section VIII, Division 1, 50 PSI design working pressure.

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LP-Gas Hand Burner: Genie III

Ransomes LP-Gas burners are ideal for farms, ranches, industrial plants, homes or wherever a torch is needed for direct flaming or heating. The Ransome “Genie III Box” is used with LP-Gas weed burning, thawing, etc. It comes with 10 ft. of hose and POL excess flow.

Suitable for:
• Weed Burning
• Thawing
• Melting
• Drying
• Preheating Metal

Download Genie III Brochure

Pump Skid PS10

Pre-assembled Pump Skids for ease of installation used in Vaporizer and Mixer Applications that require a “Pressure Boost”. Pump Skids come complete with Pressure Control Switch. PS10 Model comes complete with pre-wired Motor/Control Switch. Dual Pump Skid Packages available

Download PS10 Brochure

Cylinder Stamping Anvil

All DOT cylinders are required to be permanently stamped with inspections dates. The original inspection is good for twelve years. All other stampings (inspections) are to occur every five years thereafter. By holding the stamping surface ridged, this sturdy anvil prevents damage to the cylinder collar. It has an adjustable height bar which easily aligns the stamping dies.

Actual size: 4 in. wide x 7 in. high
Weight: 5 lbs.
Letter “E” and Die Set 0-9 sold separately.

Download Stamping Anvil Brochure

Cylinder Vise Mounting Stand

The Ransome CVM-200 Mounting Stand stands approximately 3 ft. for easy working access. An adjustable four level support has been added to this model as well as a built on work tray.

*Vise not included.

Download Cylinder Vise Mounting Stand Brochure